Journalist & Communications Strategist 

- Leslie D. Rose 

CreActiv, LLC is is an independent consulting firm run by Leslie D. Rose and her husband, Donney. We specialize in writing, public relations consulting, storytelling, marketing, digital content strategy, and creative activism initiatives and education tools.

Public Relations Services - Click here for more details

With a storied history of work in print, broadcast, public relations, and digital media, Leslie D. Rose knows media through and through. She has launched several lucrative media and marketing campaigns to help artists or business owners reintroduce themselves to area markets and remain relevant through her most popular offerings of guided brainstorming, biography writing, and photography. Leslie works as the Field Communications Manager at a national housing justice non profit and as a Culture Writer at Blavity News. Through CreActiv, she has had the honor of serving as the project manager for her alma mater's alumni magazine, consulting grassroots groups through community projects, and curating media for rising artists of various genres. Leslie has national awards in marketing for integrated campaigns and special videos, as well as writing and editing awards in journalism. She holds a B.A. in mass communication and creative writing from Xavier University of Louisiana. 

Photography - Click here to view photos 

Leslie's photography work started as Reminisce Photography & Media, LLC, in August 2009. It was designed to offer affordable media and photography services to aspiring artists. Now, all types of high quality photography is available, although artists remain the heart of it all. 

Activism-Based Programming 

The Picture of Health 

The Picture of Health is an invisible illness awareness program inspired by Leslie's own struggles with chronic pain. Through the art of photography, it seeks to highlight individuals living with invisible physical, chronic, and mental conditions in an effort to normalize illness.  

In May 2019, we kicked off with a photo exhibit showcasing people with invisible illnesses. We now host several events for the project, including round-table and panel discussions. In October 2019, we received a mayoral proclamation for Invisible Illness Awareness Week, Oct. 13 – 19, 2019.

Artists for...

In September 2018, the first Louisiana Artists for PR event was held, in partnership with The Baton Rouge Gallery. The event featured 26 performance and visual artists in a variety show style function and silent auction. We raised $2000 on a $0 budget to benefit Americas for the Conservation and the Arts' PR Resilience Fund to support El Departamento de la Comida's mission to restore 200 farms on the island in 24 months.