"I write the world I want to see."

- Leslie D. Rose 

CreActiv, LLC is an activism-based arts organization with the mission of promoting and producing programming that heightens awareness, raises funds, and supports important issues through the use of the arts and partnerships. 

About CreActiv's Current Programming

The Picture of Health (#TPOHBR) 

The Picture of Health is an invisible illness awareness program inspired by Leslie's own struggles with invisible illness. It seeks to highlight individuals living with invisible physical, chronic, and mental illnesses. Through the art of photography, it shows people living with these illnesses in the manner in which they present themselves daily, focusing on the perceived ‘normalcy’ of people housed in ill bodies. 

Louisiana Artists for Puerto Rico (La Artists for PR)

The mission of La Artists for PR is to keep Puerto Rico's need for support at the forefront of the conversation. Through this program, we mix our artistic passion and lived experiences to continually uplift and support our island family through programming, campaigns, fundraisers, and community initiatives.

In September 2018, the first La Artists for PR event was held, in partnership with The Baton Rouge Gallery. The event featured 26 performance and visual artists in a variety show style function and silent auction. We raised $2000 on a $0 budget to benefit Americas for the Conservation and the Arts' PR Resilience Fund to support El Departamento de la Comida's mission to restore 200 farms on the island in 24 months.

Board of Directors

Chenese Lewis

Brandis Rawls

Meghan Matt 

April Baham 

Maggie Conarro

Advisory Board

Donney Rose

Alicia Rollins

Cristian Hardy 

Ronaldo Hardy